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Examples include (but not limited to):

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  • A Gripe on campus/the district

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  • Impacts of new rules/initiatives/policies

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Examples Include (but not limited to):

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  • Discipline

  • Evaluation Concern (believe it may lead to a performance plan or discipline)

Help Desk FAQ's

What's the difference between a Gripe and a Grievance?

A complaint expresses concern about a workplace situation. It could be just a gripe or a serious protest about an act adversely affecting an employee. A grievance is a formal way to air an unresolved complaint. Many complaints are settled with a discussion between the employee and the immediate supervisor. The complaint becomes a grievance only if it is not settled at this level.

Agua Fria's specific Board Policy GBK-R describes their definitions for grievances:

"A grievance is a complaint by a District employee alleging a violation or misinterpretation, as to the employee, of any District policy or regulation that directly and specifically governs the employee's terms and conditions of employment.

The term grievance shall not apply to any matter for which the method of review is prescribed by law, another more specific District policy, or the Governing Board is without authority to act. The suspension or dismissal of employees is covered by statute and, therefore, is not a grievable matter. Assignment, reassignment, or transfer of an employee to another position or duties is not grievable beyond the Superintendent unless there is a reduction in compensation or the Superintendent requests that it go to the Board."

What are the steps to file a grievance?

Agua Fria's specific Board Policy GBK-R describes their steps and timelines for grievances":

"Informal Level

Before filing a formal written grievance, the grievant must attempt to resolve the matter informally with the immediate supervisor. The employee should meet with the immediate supervisor within ten (10) days after the employee knew, or should have known, of the act or omission giving rise to the grievance. Subsequent conferences, if needed, should be scheduled in a timely manner.

Formal Level

Level I

If informal attempt(s) to resolve the grievance is(are) not successful, the employee may present the grievance in writing to the immediate supervisor. The written grievance should be filed within fifteen (15) days of the final informal conference with the supervisor. Failure to do so shall be deemed a waiver of the employee's grievance rights....The immediate supervisor shall communicate a decision to the employee in writing within five (5) days after receiving the grievance...

Level II

In the event the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Level I, the decision may be appealed to the Superintendent/designee within five (5) days after receipt of the Level I decision. The Superintendent/designee shall communicate a decision within five (5) days after receiving the appeal."

Where can I find the Governing Board Policies for the District?

Governing Board Policy can be found on the PolicyBridge website. You DO NOT NEEDD TO LOG IN. Click on Agua Fria on the left hand side and it will expand open.

The most frequently references policies are in section G- Personnel.







What are the steps for discipline?

Just like in a classroom, there are typically progressive steps taken for discipline. Important note: administrators reserve the right to give out a higher discipline depending on the circumstances.

Typically the following INFOMRAL steps will be taken:

  1. Informal consultation

This may be a conversation in person, phone, or email. It is not considered formal discipline.

  1. Letter of Direction

This is a meeting with your administrator where they will provide you with a letter specifically directing you to take actions to correct violated policies. Both you and the administrator will sign the paper to acknowledge receipt. This is not considered formal discipline.

*Failure or refusal to follow directives is cause for discipline for insubordination.

General Provisions for FORMAL Discipline Under A.R.S. 15-341 & Policy GCQF

Step 1: Notice of Intent to Impose Discipline

Upon the supervising administrator's determination of the existence of cause to impose discipline, the supervising administrator shall notify the certificated staff member of intent to impose discipline.

Step 2: Discipline Hearing

At the hearing, the supervising administrator shall discuss with the certificated staff member the conduct that warrants disciplinary action and shall provide the certificated staff member with any appropriate evidence and a copy of relevant documentation if not previously provided.

Step 3: Decision (in writing)

At the hearing, or within ten (10) working days following the hearing, the supervising administrator shall, in writing, inform the certificated staff member of the decision. If the decision is to impose discipline, written notice of the discipline shall be enclosed. The written notice of the decision shall state that a copy of the notice, decision, and a record of the disciplinary action shall be placed in the certificated staff member's personnel file and shall specify the date the discipline shall be imposed unless the certificated staff member files a written request for appeal within five (5) working days after the decision is delivered to the certificated staff member. If the certificated staff member requests an appeal of the decision, the imposition of any discipline shall be suspended pending the outcome of the appeal.

Step 4 - Appeal

Discipline imposed may be appealed at the next organizational level, in writing, to the appropriate District Administrator or the Superintendent. Only when the discipline is determined by the Superintendent shall the appeal be to the Board, which, at its discretion, may appoint a hearing officer. The appeal shall contain a brief statement of the reasons why the certificated staff member believes the administrator's decision is incorrect. Appeal is limited to one (1) organizational level above the level of the supervising administrator who imposed the discipline.